Sunday, January 17, 2021

Context puts things in perspective

I didn't realize it by I'm a mover and a shaker.

Well, a shaker anyway.

Turns out an article I wrote a while back (actually, I wrote it 4 years ago - but I had scheduled it to come out July 2020) has been causing quite the stir.  Well, not the article, per se.  Actually, it was the picture that accompanied the article (and the first couple paragraphs that talked about the underboob bathing suit).  

Anyway, it's really popular now - at least, you'd think so based on the number of nasty comments from angry people out in Internet land.  Dang but I even got one from a former stalker (who happens to be a law librarian with nothing better to do than to rant and rave on me; your employer must be so proud).  

Forget that the article was about the 1st amendment (speech and "fashion" and all that).  Nope - none of the comments addressed that.  Most all the comments focused on the fact that how dare I (a guy) every try to address a female-type issue (like women's "fashion") and that they wished I'd die an "ignominious" death (yeah, one person said just that).

Anyway, the point of THIS blog post is "context."  What is context?  Context helps to put things into perspective (kinda like how secondary authorities work with primary authorities).  

I remember a movie called "Immortal Beloved."  It's about Beethoven.  I recall one scene where he is describing the "context" behind one of his symphony's.  Note: he was describing the "context" behind the symphony.  

Apparently, (according to the movie) the symphony is about a guy who is trying to get to his girlfriend before midnight - but he runs into a rainstorm and then the wheel falls off his carriage and he is just freaking out because he realizes he'll never make it.  I mean, you can just see the angst in his face as he is trying everything he can to get to his lover and EVERYTHING is getting in his way.  

Of course, he doesn't make his rendezvous and he is just crushed - and you can hear that all in the music - but without the story (i.e. the "context"), the music is all just notes on a page.

The point to all this is that while I started the blog with a discussion with an underboob bathing suit, the article had little to do with women's fashion.  In fact, the crux of the article was about the 1st amendment - which all the angry people just missed because they couldn't get past the 2nd paragraph.

I mean, this is a legal-related blog.  Do you think I'm going to talk about random things without having everything not tie back into something legal?!?

So before you go and write all those nasty comments (that I won't ever post) threatening my life or just screaming racist/sexist obscenities (and there were some really juicy ones), take a moment and read the entire article seeking to devine the purpose behind the blog.

Then, if you're still so inclined, send in your nasty racist/sexist comments.  That way, you'll be educated and feel vindicated at the same time.

Your welcome.

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