Saturday, April 20, 2013

Try, Try Again

what doesn't kill you can still hurtMost times, when people walk into my law library, they are looking for the case or code that will help them win.  Funny thing, then, when I had this guy come into my library.  Seems he had filed a case and, having lost, was taking his case before the Federal Appellate Court.  His problem was that, as he quickly admitted, he didn't have a very good case so he wasn't looking to win so much as it was to save face.

Knowing his case didn't have a strong legal foundation, he felt that (maybe, hopefully) the court could be swayed with a silver tongue so I lead him over to Winning on Appeal: better briefs and oral argument (NITA), and Briefing and Arguing Federal Appeals (Hein). In no time at all he was off and running developing a winning argument as well as tightening up his (already sizable) appellate brief. 

While I can't always guarantee a win in court if you use the resources your local county law Librarian suggests, I can guarantee you'll lose if you don't at least look.

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