Monday, April 29, 2013

Fatherhood on the Ropes

fatherhood does have it's priviledges - kidsThe other day I was watching a debate about the importance of fathers in the lives of their children.  The show had two opposing parties, a moderator and a studio audence who could ask questions.  It was apparent early on that the audience had been stacked against fathers.  The questions were negative against fathers, the moderator was against fathers, and even the woman who was supposed to be in favor of father's rights, wasn't.  Dang but she was uncomfortable fighting for a side in which she clearly didn't believe.  Yeah, I turned it off after after a short while.

Sad how things are turning out for guys these days.  Regardless of the state of affairs, most every law library has resources that can help men maintain a foothold in the lives of their kids.  Might I suggest taking a look at Always Dad: being a great father during and after divorce (Nolo Press), How to Do your Own Divorce in California (Nolo Press Occidental), Building a parenting agreement that works : child custody agreements step by step (Nolo Press), and Father's rights: a legal guide to protecting the best interests of your children (Sphinx Pub).

While, the state of father's rights might seem to be in a state of insanity, regardless of what the world might think, know that your local county law Librarian has what you need to get things back on track.

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