Monday, February 27, 2017

Danger from below

The other day as I was surfing the television channels, I happened upon one show that featured a whole lot of quicksand.  For those not in the know, quicksand is that stuff which, if stepped in or on sucks the hapless victims below ground resulting their slow demise.  Not the nicest way to go since movies always show people screaming and struggling as they drop below level.

Of course, since when do movies portray real life?  While quicksand does, in fact, exist and can be found lurking along creeks, rivers, dry washes and lakes (where groundwater is close to the surface), apparently, at some point, you stop sinking and simply float.  As it turns out, there are some really, down-to-earth ways you can survive if you're stuck in quicksand.  For example, if you ever get stuck in quicksand:
  1. Stay Calm.
  2. If you start to sink or see earth start to move, turn around and go back EXACTLY the way you came.
  3. If you've sunk in (because you wanted to take a selfie of yourself stuck in quicksand), move slowly and deliberately.
  4. Instead of trying to walk out while standing up, lean to your side and side-crawl out.
  5. At some point (while you're side-crawling out), your feet should hit firm ground underneath.  If not, you'll probably float (because, science!).
  6. If you can, and it's close by, grab hold of nearby vegetation (i.e. bushes, vines, trees) and pull yourself out.
  7. If all else fails, call 911 for help.  Do not call your stupid buddy who is just going to stand there laughing and take pictures of you as you slip beneath ground level.
Law and legal stuff is/are like quicksand; if you don't do something to save yourself, you're going to slowly drown in debt and despair.  If you find yourself stuck in a legal morass, might I suggest:
  • Stay Calm and know that your local county law library is nearby to help you find resources to any and all legal problems.
  • If you think you are about to be served a complaint, be proactive and ask your law librarian what resources might be helpful in your particular situation
  • If you have already been served a complaint, do not waste a minute and head on over to your local county law library and ask to see what resources you can use to ANSWER your complaint.  If you've been arrested for a criminal act, ask to be directed to the criminal law section. Some particularly helpful criminal law resources are:  
  • Even if you are already in litigation, it never hurts to go to your local county law library for some pointers along the way (or to help you get back on track).
  • If you've been stuck in litigation for years (and it happens), do not despair. Always know that there is someone who has had it waaaaaaaay worse than you and that your local county law Librarian has probably been there to help them. Odds are they can help you, too.
Bottom line, if ever you are in need of legal research assistance or just need a shoulder to cry on, your local county law Librarian is the the person to talk to.  We've seen it all and heard it all and most all of us know what needs to be done when you walk through the door. Yeah, we are that good.

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