Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Smells Fishy

Fishy smell is bad news
Did you know that fresh fish is not supposed to smell like fish?  Counter intuitive, I know. It should come to no surprise, then, that if fish smells fishy, it's not fresh. More to the point, if anything smells "fishy," odds are something is not right.

Take, for example the Aaron Hernandez hanging.  That's right, hanging.  In case you didn't know, Mr. Hernandez hanged himself last night.  That's "last night," as in the evening after being acquitted of a double homicide.  I don't know about most people but if I had been acquitted of a double homicide, I'd be REALLY happy about it - not contemplating how to kill myself.

Thing is, if Mr. Hernandez was even close to being suicidal, it would have been back in 2013 when he had been handed a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd.  Four years after that fact and he hangs himself after being acquitted for a double homicide?!  Yeah, something smells fishy, to me.

What I suspect happened is someone figured that, with this double homicide acquittal, Mr. Hernandez was one step away from freedom.  Thing is, the murder of a loved one does things to a person's head.  You're looking for answers and revenge.  Even people who say they's hard to believe it.  Murder, like money (or the lack of it), really messes with people's heads.  

Hypothetically, if I were a family member of a person murdered by someone who had just been acquitted of something and I'm still in mourning, I might do something rash and foolish - if I had money to do something rash and foolish.  In this case, something did happen (Hernandez is dead) and it in no way went down without the help of not a few "people."

Anyway you look at it, something is rotten in the state of Denmark.  I'm guessing this "suicide" will be brushed under the proverbial rug asap to avoid any fishy entanglements.

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