Saturday, March 8, 2014

Coming out

mischevious grin
Yeah, it's not what you might think.  See, back when I was in elementary school, I was quite the little hellion.  I remember one episode with my 2nd grade teacher - Mrs. Watermelon (not her real name).  Apparently, it was my fault she had to take an emergency leave of absence a mere two weeks before the summer vacation.  Seems that small animal I put in her coat pocket sent her right over the edge.  I'm actually sitting here writing this with an evil grin as I recall hearing her high-pitched shriek as she sprinted down the hallway with a half-crazed look on her face.  I mean, she took off like a rocket - pretty good for an old lady!  Ah, the memories of youth.

Maybe had I had the benefit of a stint in law school, I would have know better than to drive my teachers (all of them) insane.  Maybe had I realized the damage I was inflicting on poor ol' Mrs. Watermelon I'd have seen the error of my ways and not so purposefully driven her over the proverbial edge.  Maybe had I knows about all the great stuff at my local county law library and take time to look at:
I would have had a greater appreciation of the damage I was inflicting on my teachers every single day of the school year!

While I never had the chance to visit my local county law library about such things when I was a kid, at least you have the benefit of my education and perspective.  Today, right now, in fact, you should run over to your local county law library and read upon on stuff about teachers and education and schools - before someone (like me) gets a hold of your kids and schools them in the fine art of driving their teachers insane...MUUUUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAH!