Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Part of being human

Stupid is as stupid does
Have you ever wanted to smack your forehead because of something you did (or didn’t do)? Maybe you locked your keys in your car with the car running. Maybe you tattooed the name of your significant other on your arm and then broke up with them. Maybe you responded to an email from Kenya exclaiming, “You May Already Be A millionaire!

Yeah, we’ve all done some nutsy things that makes us moan out loud. Take for instance the guy who was injured a couple years back. A mere day past the limitations period (thus preventing him from recovering damages for his injuries) he came to my library seeking help. Had he only come in when we was initially injured and looked at 

he might not now be singing his own swan song.

Then there was the young lady who, after one year of marriage, wanted a divorce but didn’t want to lose all of her hard won assets in the process. Had she only gone to her local county law library before getting married and looked at 

she would not now be fretting over how to safely hide her wealth from prying eyes and sticky fingers.

What it all comes down to is this: if you want peace of mind, run (as in don’t walk) to the to your local county law Library so that your local county law Librarian can set you on your own path to personal tranquility.