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Monday, February 1, 2016

Word of the Month for February 2016: Domestic Violence

Breaking hearts
For the record, during the months of November through January, the legal world, for the most part, slows down.  For the most part.  Today, we've had three domestic violence cases come through out doors and one of them involved a guy being beaten up by his wife.  Oh, the humanity!

What is domestic violence, you ask?  According to Black's Law Dictionary, Domestic Violence is the use of force (by fury, vehemence, or outrage esp. physical force) between members of a household usu. spouses; an assault or other violent act committed by one member of a household against another. Domestic Violence has become such a national past-time that the Feds created the Violence against Women Act of 1994 under 42 USC 13981.  While generally geared to protect women, section (b) of this Act boldly states:
(b) Right to be free from crimes of violence
All persons within the United States shall have the right to be free from crimes of violence motivated by gender (as defined in subsection (d) of this section).

suggesting that all persons (including men) have a right to be free from violence - which is kinda sad that we the people have to be told we have a right to be free from violence.  I mean, daily you have people screaming that they want to be treated with respect. Then, as adults, people scream that they need a law declaring that they are free from violence? For as much as people whine about the over-inclusion of government, it is sad that they demand over-inclusion in matters of the heart.

In any event, what with February being the month of love (or the lack, thereof), if you find yourself in need of help from a former loved-one, might I suggest you head on over to your local county law library and take a look at

While there may be a whole lot of lovin' going on in the world, there is a whole lot of crazy to match it.  Good thing that your local county law library is around to help with either or both (as the case may be).

Monday, January 25, 2016

Tell Me A Story

Is it over, yet?
The other day I had an attorney come up to me and asked if I would be a soundboard.  Seems attorney was going into trial in a day, or so, and needed some critique on their opening statement to the jury.

45 mintues later, my brain had turned to mush having become a card carrying member of the walking dead because that story was ever soooooo boring.  The problem was that because there was so many details to the story, I couldn't keep them all straight and then there was the cat and a dog and don't even get me started on the milk man.  Oy vey!

Clearly, attorney needed help with their delivery and I suggested a look-see at: 

The thing is, if you don't have a winning story, you're going to put everyone to sleep.  Best, then, to head over to your local county law library and let the Law Librarian help you find the resources you need to craft your best happily ever after.

Monday, January 18, 2016

They See You When You're Sleeping

Google sees all
Did you know that each time you run a search in Google (the #1 search engine), team Google saves your key words and the links you click on.  Team Google then sells that data to vendors who then target you with specific ads based on past searches.  

This can be good and bad.  For example, say you're looking for a new job and have been searching for jobs online.  Pretty soon, you're browser is going to be filled with ads about head hunters and job searching websites for anyone looking over your shoulder to see. How about if you're behind in your rent and you need money fast.  In no time, embarrassing ads will start popping up from Check 'n Go and other fast money lenders

Of course, you can avoid all of this hassle by going to your local county law library.  Wait, what?!  

See, the beauty of using your local county law library is that we don't keep records of what you search.  I mean, omnipotent legal research gods (and goddesses) law Librarians are, we're not mind readers.  If you don't tell us what you're looking at, we're never going to know what you're doing! 

For example, say you wanted to research whether you committed securities fraud by selling off stocks based on the fact that the product your corporation just released bombed tanking sales.  Knowing that no one is looking over your shoulder, you might want to take a look at 
Another one?  Say you're particularly nervous having just hit a pedestrian in the cross walk and then you drove away.  While there were no witnesses and was a pitch black night, you're wondering what liabilities you might be facing down the line (believe me, this happens more often than you might want to imagine).  Knowing no one is looking over your shoulder, you might want to look at
Yep, your local county law library is the perfect place to research your most pressing questions in peace and quiet (away from the prying eyes of the Internet).  So to you and all a Happy New Year and we'll be open bright and early next year for those who have something to find (but don't want anyone to know you're looking).

Friday, January 15, 2016

They're at it again

More dumb laws
Not a day goes by that I don't hear about another law that is coming down the pike that boggles the mind that anyone could have been that mentally challenged to have thought up that law.  Turns out Sacramento is full of people who have nothing better to do that write laws that (seemingly) do nothing to help humankind.  What with this being January, following are a few of the new laws that just hit Californian's upside the head.

SB 178: Search Warrants.  Notwithstanding the fact that every politician says they want to put him in prison, it appears that someone in Sacramento thinks Eric Snowden is a hero.  As such, SB 178 requires law enforcement to obtain a search warrant before they can search your email, text messages, Internet search history, or other digital data.  On its face, this all sounds great for the average joe who is only searching for the latest cat videos on YouTube.  What about those nefarious no good doers who are out to do no good?  You're going to wait until a search warrant is issued to search their plans to massacre people in San Bernardino or blow up the twin towers before you move in?  Uh, yeah.  I'm thinking this one is going to come back to haunt Sacramento sooner than later.

AB 1100:  Ballot Fees.  Seems like Governments all over are hurting for cash these days.  Sad that Sacramento thought it would be a great revenue generator to raise the fees to put something on the ballot from $200 to $2,000.  Gotta wonder if this was in response to an attempt to reduce the number of ballot issues submitted from we the people to thwart the stupidity of them the politicians. I can almost hear the sound of the founding fathers screaming from their graves.

SB 277: Vaccines.  OK, it's not that his law is stupid as the reason it was created in the first place.  Seems a few months back there was this measles outbreak at Disneyland.  Subsequently, there was a push by politicians to vaccinate all children because of what happened at an amusement park.  REALLY!?!  We're going to base what we do because of what happens at Disneyland (i.e. the greatest money suck second only to Sacramento and DC)?  For the record, SB 277 requires all children to be vaccinated before being admitted to school.  Personally, I'd say maybe it's time to start home schooling your kids rather than to bend to the whims of a few crazy politicians - but that's just me and that's just a few of the laws coming to fruition here in the golden state in 2016.

See you (hopefully) next year!

Monday, January 11, 2016

It hurts

Homeless scams
The other day whilst going walkabout in downtown Riverside, I was accosted by a "homeless" person because I wouldn't empty my pockets (really - he demanded that I empty my pockets). Fact is, I don't generally give money to anyone except the IRS and the wife.  If I'm going to give money to charity, I do it through the church and let them figure out who gets what.

Anyway, back to the "homeless" accosting.  So I've got this guy riding my coat tails screaming obscenities at the top of his lungs.  People, are stretching their necks to see what is going on and the cop across the street looked over mid-donut binge and laughed.

What is particularly annoying is the fact that while there may be many in "need," I suspect that there are many panhandlers who are not only NOT homeless but they are able bodied and could be tax paying citizens but, instead treat panhandling as their primary "job" taking advantage of the consciences of honest people.  Truly, a scam of monumental proportions and it should not be taking lightly by the boys in blue (or government, in general).  

From the proposition that there are many in the panhandling business who are scamming we the people, might I offer three suggestions proffered by comments on the internet when confronted by someone seeking free money:

  1. Offer to buy them lunch (burger, fries and drink)
  2. Whatever you were going to give, give to a "recognized" charity 
  3. Offer them a job 

Some online resources I've found on the subject related to panhandling include:

What is sad is that there are so many who ignore the golden rule and seek to take advantage of their fellow man.  When there comes a time of peace on earth, good will to all men (and women), I would hope humanity comes to grips with its lust for more and learns to live with less.  My two cents.