Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's crazy, I tell you! CRAZY!

Crazy laws are InsaneEver wonder whether the world is in a death spiral or it just seems that way?  I do and I suspect it's because of some of the laws your state legislature is creating for "we the people."  For example, the other day I was looking at some of the new laws coming down the pike and I noticed AB 525.  What is AB 525, you ask?  Well, let me tell you all about it.

Picture it - you're in a theater watching a hotly anticipated movie.  Right in front of you sits is a loud, boisterous guy.  You summon the courage and ask if he might keep it quiet.  He turns around and starts hassling you and everyone around him.  Turns out, the guy is being a jerk because he had, only recently, finished his 8th beer.  Wait - he bought liquor in a movie lobby?!?  Whoa!  You're telling me that people can legally buy liquor in a movie theater?!  Turns out thanks to AB 525, persons living in the City and County of San Francisco can do it with reckless abandon since ABA 525 was codified in Business and Professions Code sections 23039 and 24045.75.  

Yep, "for profit" theaters are permitted to sell alcohol at their respective venues.  I guess popcorn and bon bons weren't making enough money.  Now theaters can recreate that authentic ballpark smell of stale beer and drunk fans.  Yeah, just what you were looking for at a typically quiet venue.

Thing is, what I'm griping about is not that they can sell spirits in theaters.  No, it's the fact that both the city and county of San Francisco said NO to the idea - so, someone contributed to a politician's campaign (i.e. legally bribed them) so they'd write a bill to create a law to allow this sort of stuff.  So much for the will of the people.  Now we have to look out for the best laws money can buy.  Yeah, good luck with that one.