Sunday, September 8, 2013

I'd buy that for a dollar

wants and needsStrange what people attach value to these days.  Rolex watches, fast cars, tattoos, jewelry, viral videos on YouTube - it boggles the mind.  What is particularly confusing is how people can plunk down hard coin for a $350 pair of tennis shoes but doggone it if they can't seem to come up with the cash to defend themselves or fight a lawsuit!  

I had a guy a while back come into the library with gold chains on his neck, rings on his fingers (all nine of them), a fancy platinum watch, iguana-skin boots, Ray Ban sunglasses, and a diamond embedded in his front tooth.  Dang but he was walking around town wearing a down payment on a house!  He tells me that he loaned some money to a neighbor and now neighbor won't pay him back and and he was wondering if I knew an attorney who would take the case on a pro bono basis.  Let's see, wearing a down payment and can't afford an attorney to litigate his case.  I'm thinking no because I just don't know any lawyers who make it a habit to work for free.

Another one?  Mom comes into the library.  Seems her son had been incarcerated for allegedly killing three people in a drug deal gone bad.  Seems son didn't want a public defender (i.e. free legal assistance) so mom does what son says and asks, "do you know any attorneys who will take this case for free?"

Son is looking at 30 years to life and no one wants to pony up the cash to spring son?  O.K., maybe mom doesn't have the cash what with the economy and all.  Maybe mom is working 3 jobs to take care of her 12 kids and 14 grandkids.  Thing is, son's case is hardcore criminal and most attorneys around where I work are solo practitioners and can't afford to work for free.  To her credit, mom was not wearing a down payment, but attorneys don't live on good wishes - they need income, too

I guess it comes down to the old saying: you get what you pay for.  If you want free legal help, you're going to get cut-rate service.  When you want vindication, do your research and find an attorney who knows the law of your case (like at  When you have an attorney in mind collect your pennies, hit up your friends for cash, call in all your favors, and go and hire yourself a lawyer who knows his stuff.  Yeah, that's what I'd do.