Monday, August 12, 2013

Happiness is a verb

Happy Happy Happy
Lately, I've been seeing lots of blog posts about the need to be happy or news stories about happy people or I hear someone at church talking about how to be happy.  Thing is, being happy or becoming happy or happiness in general is like a diet - happiness doesn't just happen - it takes work and is very, VERY subjective.

For instance, I had two people come into the library the other day.  The first person (wife) was grinning ear to ear.  Seems she had just come from a mediation with her attorney and (soon to be ex) husband and his attorney.  Seems her (overly confident) attorney said her case was so iron clad that regardless what the mediator had to say, they would win at trial.  Being the cautious sort, I suggested she not count her eggs before the fat lady sings and suggested she take a look at Modern Child Custody Practice (Lexis) and/or California Practice Guide: Family Law (West).  She would have nothing to do with me (a mere omniscient Law Librarian) and out the door she went "happy" as a lark.

Shortly thereafter, (soon to be ex) husband came into the library with a determined look in his eye.  Seems his attorney told him (after the above mentioned mediation) that they had a tough row to hoe but all was not lost and suggested husband do some footwork and find information to help bolster his case.  In addition to the cases and codes he had already found, I also suggested husband take a look at AmJur Trials (West), Trial Objections (James Publishing), AmJur Proof of Facts (West), and Qualifying and Attacking Expert Witnesses (James Publishing).  With fire in his eyes, husband thanked me for my assistance and out out the door he went "happy" as a clam (with the knowledge that his soon to be ex-wife was in for a heck of a fight).

Two people, two perspective.  Not that I advocate violence but this is one case I'd like to see fought in court (if, nothing else, to see if fortunes are reversed).  Regardless of the outcome, all you need to know is that when you need it, your local county law Librarian is waiting to help put you on your path to blissful contentment.