Friday, January 18, 2013

They're Gunning for You

It's all fun and games until you throw one on the roof.
Many moons ago, I served as a paperboy for a local newspaper.  Every day I would deliver upwards of 75 papers all around my neighborhood.  I did this for a few years and was pretty good.  Heck, dogs feared me, mailboxes revered me, and old folks used to sit around campfires and tell stories about the paperboy with a wicked side arm.  Thing is, I really liked being a paperboy and I got to know a whole lot of people - nice and otherwise.  Which brings me to the point of this posting.

One day as I was out and about doing my paperboy thing, I came upon a group of people.  Seems they were drunk and were walking around the neighborhood shooting things with a .22 caliber rifleSoon I became their target of choice. Don't shoot the paperboy Apparently they thought shooting at the paperboy was riotous fun up - until I got shot - and they scattered.  Yeah, it's always funny until someone gets hurt.

While the perpetrators were caught, plead out and subsequently spent time cooling their heels in jail, it was the person(s) who actually committed the crime who were to blame for my injuries.  Not the guy next door who owns a few guns in a private collection.  Not the manufacturer who makes guns.  Not the random person who roams around a gun show (and maybe buys a gun or two or three or twenty).  Nope, it's the people who roam around drunk, aren't right in the head, are flying high their drug of choice, or who have an axe to grind that go and abuse the rights afforded them under the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and shoot up the place.  Those are the people who should be prohibited from owning/purchasing a firearm.

Maybe you want to get smart on all things civil rights and related litigation.  Might I suggest you head over your to local county law library and take a look at California Civil Practice: civil rights litigation (West), Civil Rights Actions (Matthew/Bender), Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation (West), Treatise on Constitutional Law: substance & procedure, 5th ed.
(West), and The Bill of Rights and American Legal History: rights of assembly, petition, arms and just compensation (Garland Publishing).

While I don't own a gun (would probably shoot my eye out if I did), I suspect that if guns were ever taken away from the law abiding citizens, then only the criminals will have them.  Stand back and let your President ram through another executive order without any check or balance limiting your right as a law abiding citizen and you lose yet another freedom afforded We the People of the United States.  Just remember that unlike taxes, once a freedom is taken, it never comes back.  Anyway, my two cents.