Friday, September 19, 2014

So much for impartiality

Imbalanced justices beget imbalanced justice
I suspect it all started with Elena Kagan.  Once upon a time, Elena, the once dean of Harvard Law School, wanted to be a supreme court justice.  So bad, in fact, that she quit her job at Harvard and became Solicitor General - just so she could have experience being a judge.  Oh, wait - that's not a judicial post - it's just a notch up from being a rank and file lawyer.  No matter.

See, Obama et al. didn't really care that Elena had never been a judge.  So much didn't care that they did everything under the sun to get Elena appointed to the Supreme Court bench.  I have no doubt that obama et al. made some back-door deals with the GOP which made them not a little squeamish.  In the end, though, Obama got his backpocket appointment and judicial impartiality took another hit on it's chinny chin chin.  I mean, how do you think Elena is going to vote when issues backed by Obama et al. come up for a vote?

Enter Mariano-Florentino Cuellar.  See, Mr. Cuellar is much like Elena.  He's bright, smart, and had no prior judicial experience before being appointed to the California Supreme Court.  I guess the fact that being Mexican born is sufficient to warrant a judicial appointment.  I guess it is no longer important to be a judge before you become a judge.  I guess judicial impartiality has gone the way of the dodo when it comes to judges (I mean, how do you think Mariano is going to vote when an issue backed by Gov. Moonbeam come up for a vote?).   If you're going to appoint a judge, pick one who has been a judge (i.e. someone with a judicial track record) and not just to appease an entire ethnicity (aw, common - don't tell me you didn't think of that, too).

Thing is, I bet Mariano is a great guy.  I bet he's really good at teaching immigration law at Stanford University - but is he the best person for the job (i.e. CA State Supreme Court)? Really?!  That like saying because Bob Dole had a bum hand that he was the best candidate for POTUS.  It isn't, he wasn't, and neither is this guy.

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