Monday, July 16, 2018

This is still a thing?!

Coexist is a sham
You know what blows my mind (well, this week, anyway)?  It's the fact that there are still employers out in employment land that can't tell the difference between discrimination and non-discrimination. 

I mean, really!  With all the litigation flying around, you'd think employers would know what not to do these days.

Take, for example, the Lady who came up to me the other day.  Seems she is very religious and has been so all her life.  

Her boss and fellow employees were not of her religious persuasion.  It seems that for the last several months, her coworkers have been discriminating against her because of her religious beliefs.  

Both employer and employees have been berating her with anti-religious propaganda and literature and, have engaged in a pattern of "hostile proselytizing" to the point where she no longer feels safe going to work.

Maybe you're thinking "hostile proselytizing?"  What the heck is that!?!  Well, I asked her and it turns out that while reading from their holy script, they came across a passage about stoning and someone suggested that the only way they were going to get through to her was to stone her (hey, her words, not mine). 

You'd think that people in this day and age would be more civil and accepting.  I suspect they're only accepting if you believe what they believe (making for an ever increasing boring world).  

I guess when it comes to religion, that's not the case and still exists the need to impress upon employers the importance of backing off.  So, I suggested Lady take a look at:
and off she was developing her case against her employer and fellow employees.

Sad that this blatant discrimination stuff still happens.  I mean, you'd think when someone says go away, they'd go away.  Guess not.

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