Monday, May 28, 2018

This is the guy you want on your team

Beware of the guy with one lawsuit
As a law Librarian, I deal in problems and am a purveyor of solutions.  If you've got a problem, I know where you can go to solve it.  

Small claims? I know four resources that can help you. Bankruptcy?  Pick your chapter and I've got answers. RICO, unlawful detainer, criminal, appeals (civil OR criminal), military justice, estate planning, family law, tax, federal, UCC, real property (commercial or otherwise), contracts, personal injury.  Whatever you need, answers I've got.

So, the other day, a newly minted attorney came into my law library hoping I was all I was hyped up to be.  Turns out he had just accepted a rather messy case.  I mean, it was one of those cases that if he won, it would put him on the map.  If he lost, well....

So, being newly minted and not knowing the ways of the legal world, I introduced him to the world of Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) and showed him all the great things they offered like:
Then I suggested newly minted take a look at the myriad of case and trial prep materials, like
Then I suggested he take a look at some of foundational resources like
Finally, I suggested he take a look at resources that would help when he won his case, like:
and off newly minted attorney went with a gleam in his eye and an understanding that if ever he needed answers, his local county law library (and, by association, his local county law Librarian) was the place to be.

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