Monday, February 19, 2018

Sometimes You're the Nut

Cotton Candy
The problem with being an omnipotent law Librarian is that after a while of hitting on all 16 cylinders, pulling answers out of the sky like they were cotton candy, you start to feel all powerful, thinking you know everything - until you skip a beat and you can't find anything.  Then you start to question the sanity of the universe.

Such was my life the other day.  Seems this Guy came into my law library.  Seems Guy had just been in family court where his ex-wife had filed a motion to legally change his son's name to her new flame's name.  Judge told Guy she'd deny the motion if he could find something to prevent the change.  Guy was under the gun and came to me - the omnipotent Librarian - to help him in his hour of need. 

I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything for him.  I mean, EVERYWHERE!  Guy flips out claiming that everyone told him that I was THE go to Librarian when you can't find something and that I failed him.

Huh.  I felt bad for the guy and went back to my office to lick my wounds. 

Three weeks later, I'm helping a random attorney.  Seems Attorney was looking for questions to grill an expert witness in a child custody case.  I'm looking everywhere to help Attorney and in my search, I stumble upon AmJur Trials, Vol. 22 (Child Custody Litigation).  In the supplement, I found Section 137.5 - Name changes.  

Waaaaaaaaaait a minute!  Wasn't I looking for something about name changes a while back?!  Turns out on page 297 in the Vol. 22 Supplement is a #%@#^!@$!#%^ section on just what I was looking for for Guy!

Turns out there are eleven (11) cases from all around the USA that deal with the name change of a child in custody hearings.  JUST WHAT GUY WAS LOOKING FOR!  Good thing I had the good sense to get Guy's email and without hesitation, I send off a copy of the entire section. 

Whoo-wee baby, I was back in the game pulling answers out of the sky like they were cotton candy.  Life's just like that - sometimes you're the nutcracker, sometimes the nut.

Maybe your local county law Librarian can find you answers on the spot - sometimes it takes a while.  Regardless of what quarter in the game we are playing, what you need to know is that your local county law Librarian always plays to win.  So, when next you need help (and you know you will, eventually), just know that we'll be here to help you get back in the game, too!