Monday, May 22, 2017

Inconvenient Truths

illegal means it's against the law
I teach a class on the "how" of legal research.  In one of my post-class discussions, one vocal person emphasized her point on immigration saying, "They can't deport them all!" referring to the recent call to deport illegal aliens.

Two things came to mind.  First, she's right.  I mean, even if "they" deport all the people who broke the immigration laws of the United States by slipping past border patrol illegally, there will always be more who will slip past border patrol.  There's a never ending supply of scofflaws in the land of the "free".

Second thing, is that illegal immigration is illegal.  If you're in a country illegally, that means you broke the law.  Forget the reasons why you came here illegally, if you're going break one law that is inconvenient, odds are you are going to ignore other laws that you think are inconvenient. 

For example, how many people out there in blogland exceed the posted speed limit on the highway.  I know, I have, on occasion (particularly on this one two-way 55mph road in the middle of nowhere California.  No cows, no people, no buildings, no cops - and I'm going drive 55?!). Fact is, most everyone blows past the posted speed limit on occasion because....well, who cares?  What an inconvenient law, right?!

How about anti-drug laws?  Up until recently, smoking pot was illegal in most all states - unless you were a politician.  I mean, it's almost become a national pastime for politicians to come out saying they are pot smokers (kind of coming-out-of-the-closet was a thing 10 years ago).  What an inconvenient law, right?!

How about prostitution?  For all the laws on the books (state and federal), it still happens.  Heck, if you don't watch where you're walking, you'll get propositioned by some of the strangest people.  The other day, I was hit on.  Turns out, the person who propositioned me was an undercover cop looking to arrest anyone who acquiesced to her requests (but like I told her, my wife would stomp her silly if she didn't leave me alone).  

So, while prostitution continues to be a thriving business, what with an never ending supply of johns, cops will keep trying to catch people who drop their guard.  I guess it keeps the courts busy enforcing yet another inconvenient law.

Bottom line, illegal is illegal.  I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.  If you're going to flaunt the laws, then don't be angry when you get caught.  In fact, you should pat the cop on the back when s/he gives you a ticket.  They finally caught you, you scofflaw you.

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