Monday, March 27, 2017

Be prepared

Be prepared for anything
You can never be too prepared.  This has never been more salient than today when I was reading an article about the San Andreas fault.  Seems, every 100 years, the tectonic plates typically release 16 feet of pent up energy and San Andreas hasn't been putting out (so to speak).  The result is that when the BIG quake hits (and it will), California is in for some major rocking and rolling.  It behooves people, then, to be prepared for a 7-10.0 quake as much as they can.  This means, storing water, food, personal medical supplies, first aid, and toiletries (i.e. sewage removal).

Not unlike an earthquake that can make it feel like your world has been turned upside down, even a small lawsuit can freak you out.  Small claims, civil limited, civil unlimited, drug court, any of which can financially and emotionally ruin even the most stalwart person.  Good thing, then, that your local county law library has resources to help everyone (from the greenest greenie to the eaglest of legal eagles).

For instance, say you know nothing about law and need a quick overview of how it all works.  Turns out we have a few really great titles to help you get going like:
For those who have been in the business for a few years and need more meat to your legal resources, might I suggest a looksee at:
Yep, if you need anything legal, we're the place to bone up and be prepared for what's coming down the pike.  Waste not a minute trying to hunt and peck on the Internet for what you think you need because your local county law Librarians know their stuff and know how to help you.

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