Monday, February 13, 2017

Crazy Love

Crazy love makes people crazy
"Love" (or what people think is love) will make some people do some pretty stupid things.  This being the month of "love," I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and tell a tale of woe and stupidity.

Seems an older Lad was madly in love with a particular young lady.  Seems the fact that young lady was 20 years younger than Lad did not dissuade him to pursue.  First there was the flowers, then there were the line of soaps and perfume (that Lad had, apparently, made himself).  

Finally, after several rebuffs (i.e. NO, NO, NO and GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FREAK!), Lad asked young lady, on bended knee, to accompany him on what he described as "the most romantic getaway she would ever experience in a million life-times."   A bit corny but who ever said love wasn't a little corny?

Anyway, that's about the time that young lady's Dad got into the act.  Dad, it seems, didn't like the fact that Lad was 20 years older than his daughter and that Lad wouldn't take no for an answer.  So, Dad asked what resources we had that could help him and daughter be rid of Lad and "end the harassment."

In short order, I led Dad over to

So, Dad files his Petition and request for a temporary injunction and Lad files his Response.  Here's where things get dicey.  Seems Lad noted in #3 in his Response that the reason he does not agree to the order requested (STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER), Lad included, "because I love her;" which, I suspect is why the judge modified the order to make it permanent.  On the spot.  

Apparently Lad vocally protested in court, was cited for contempt and was read the riot act and why it was critical he not violate the restraining order just placed upon him (i.e. don't go see, contact, or bother daughter ever again). Apparently, Lad didn't hear any of that and declared his love for daughter and that "if he couldn't have her, no one could."  Yeah, sounds a little cliche but according to Dad, he really said that.

Suffice it to say, Lad tried to get in touch with daughter a mere day after the hearing, was arrested, charge with violating the injunction and, I suspect, is still cooling his heels in jail pining for his love (as it were).  

Really, folks, if you find yourselves falling in crazy love, try to keep it within a few years, at least.  If you really can't control yourselves, know that your county law library is available to help you when you get in trouble.

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