Monday, January 23, 2017


Seeking absolution
Have you ever had an "alleged" murderer confess their crimes to you?  Have you ever had an "alleged" pedophile tell you the sordid details of their latest conquest?  Do you have people come to your place of business and tell you their deepest, darkest secrets just to get "it" off their chest (and on to yours)?  I do, regularly.

You see, I'm a law Librarian and I "get to" hear it all.  Thing is, no one ever told me this was part of the job.  It sure wasn't in the job description!  I thought being a Librarian meant to help people find resources to help them find their way out of their problems.  

Turns out one of the ways to help people is to let them dump their burdens at my feet.  The thing with forgiveness or seeking it is that you gotta have faith.  Really believe it - otherwise, it's just words in the wind.  For some of the people who come in to dump, they're just going through the motions anyway without really wanting to change or come clean.

Take, for example, the young lady who came in the other day.  She was very distraught and very sorry for what she had done.  Really, really!  

Seems she had had a business "soliciting" hundreds of people out of their nest eggs via the Internet.  Seems she was very good at doing what she was doing.  Well, she was very good, until the Department of Justice got wind of her activities and she was charged with violations under:
among other things.  Sorry, sorry, very sorry was she.  She was very sorry for what she'd done (but not so sorry as to want to give back the money she'd heretofore acquired - having spent most of it, anyway).

Understanding the weight of her situation, I suggested she take a look at
...and off she was to craft her defense and get on with life.

Sad how far some people will fall before they seek help.  Sadder, still, are their stories of woe.  Good thing there are law Librarians in the world who will stop and listen when you are at your lowest and then help you get back up and at it.