Monday, November 21, 2016

Get that covered

Modesty is
The other day, a young woman came into the library.  Seems she was lost and needed a little direction.  What caught my attention was not her question so much as it was that she was busily using her hands to cover up what was left of dignity due to her low, low cut blouse.  Had she done a little more preparation in choosing modestly in the bedroom, she would not later be left wondering if everyone could see her nakedness.

This confrontation reminded me of a conversation I had with a newly minted lawyer.  He asked me how might a person know when he has finished researching so that he can confidently prepare legal documents that would not later cause him to wonder if his work was well covered.  If what you are looking for is only case law, then let me suggest you take a look at:

I suspect it depends on the type of document you are preparing and how much depth you are seeking. Some of the best motions have referenced just one case and one code. When I conducted my research, I found that when I started seeing the same laws and concepts I had found what I could and began to write.  Some resources you can use to provide depth and context include:

I suspect the moral to this story is that if you have done what you can do, took advantage of resources available to you, that you can go forward with the confidence of a well-rounded researcher.  If that isn't enough, try chocolate. 

It works for me.