Monday, October 3, 2016

Word of the Month for October 2016: Stupid

Stupid people doing REALLY stupid things
I know.  I know.  It's not a nice thing to call someone STUPID.  My kids remind me of this every day as it is an entrenched part of my vocabulary. I say that word many, many times. Today, however, "STUPID" is exactly the correct word to use and is the word that I am going to use a few times in this post to describe the STUPID thing that these people did.

Earlier this year, three Canadians were arrested and charge with trying to smuggle over 200 pounds of cocaine into Australia worth $30 million.  Seems the trio had boarded a cruise liner in Southampton (England) which made several stops in South America.  I just checked the map and I gotta say, that is one heck of a cruise - from England, across the Atlantic, along the eastern side of South America, through the Panama Canal, across the Pacific, and down to Sydney, Australia.

Sad thing is, these girls are pretty hot (looking, not smart).  Here is where the STUPID part comes in. See, I would think that if you're going to smuggle $30 million in illegal drugs, you really, REALLY want to maintain a low profile.  Nope, these girls don't know the meaning of low profile since they documented their entire trip via social media.  In this case, Instagram.  

According to Webster's Third New International Dictionary unabridged, STUPID is defined as:
Marked by or resulting from dullness or unintelligent thinking; senseless (ex: a stupid refusal to be realistic)
I don't know at what point the authorities found out about the drugs.  Heck, the authorities don't know if the trio had the drugs when they boarded the boat or sometime during stops in South America.  The thing is they were on to these three from day one and were watching them like hawks.  

The reality of things are/were, at some point they were going to be searched and caught.  The sad thing is most criminals believe they'll never get caught.  Not only did these three get caught (thanks in no small part to the photos they posted on Instagram during the entire trip) but now they are all looking at life sentences.

Moral to this story, if you're going to do something illegal, DO NOT brag about it online.  Better yet, delete all social media accounts if you decide to go into a life of crime.  That way, you won't be tempted to do something STUPID, like post pictures of yourself doing something criminal.