Monday, October 24, 2016


never met an honest politician
Few things annoy me more than politicians who think that they are above the law.  Back in the late 1990's (or so), then POTUS Bill Clinton refused to be subpoenaed and had to be stalked (and subsequently served) when he stopped off for a haircut. In 2015, lawmakers in Oklahoma tried to pass legislating exempting "public" servants from being prosecuted from arrest and prosecution for corruption.

More recently, we have the example of Hillary Clinton who clearly thinks that trading information with enemies of state like people trade in penny stocks is not only not criminal but that she is above the law and can do as she likes (what with the FBI being afraid to investigate the dragon lady).

Then we have Senator Tom Berryhill, R-Modesto (which is, incidentally #5 for highest crime areas in the state). Apparently, Douglas Miller sued the state Senate for discrimination, harassment and retaliation after he was fired from a job in Berryhill's district office in Modesto in 2013 (Miller v. California State Senate, 00170071, Sac. Superior Ct., 2014). Seems the "honorable" Douglas Miller didn't want to be subpoenaed because of the "heightened standard that high level officials are not subject to legal process." 

Really?  When in blazes was this made law?  What fool thought this would be a good idea?!?  The fact that these public "servants" think that that they can fly above (or below) the law that the rest of we the people have to follow is the reason that so most of them are adulterous, lecherous slime balls who use their offices to pad their own pockets and use email servers to trade secrets with enemies of state.

Thing is, I have no respect for anyone who is in office longer than one term.  If you really are a public servant of the people, prove it.  Quit office and get a real job.  Heck, these slime balls are little better than homeless people holding out their hands for entitlements.  They don't have real jobs, are sucking off the taxes of hard-working people (i.e. non-politicians) and many have never held a real job in their entire lives.  

That politicians get re-elected series after series is more a reflection on the gullibility of the public to keep believing the political lies than anything else.  I suspect that this is the reason (i.e. believing the lies) we have two of the worst selections for POTUS in this coming election than anyone can remember.  Hopefully in four years we the people will get sick of the lies, get educated about how it's all coming down, and elect someone who is 1) intelligent, 2) does not suck off the public teat(s) for years and years and 3) isn't inherently corrupt.  

OK, it's a pipe dream, but it's my dream and this is my blog, so there.

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