Monday, October 31, 2016

How Soon They Forget

Counting hanging chads
In the third and final debate between Billary and Trump, Trump stated that he would not contest the election .... unless he won.  Kinda ballsy but what do you expect from a person who has lost and made billions of dollars over a single lifetime?  What is funny is the response from the Obama regime who noted that Trumps response, "undermines our democracy." 

I gotta wonder if that was the sentiment Al Gore felt when he contested the election back in 2000? Remember the election between Gore and Bush (where George W. Bush won)?  Maybe you weren't born yet so let me recount the gore-y details.  

The day after the 2000 election, it was declared that Bush won.  Gore (the democratic candidate) did not like that he had lost and demanded that the ballots be recounted in Florida.  Not all the ballots mind you - only those in the strongly held democrat areas.  The Bush camp protested saying that if a recount is to be had, it should be had by counting all the ballots in the state.  See, the thing is, Florida had a process in place to recount votes.  Gore knew this and tried to circumvent the state process. Fact is, California (where I live) and most every state in the union has laws that govern recounting votes in an election.

Anyway, Gore didn't care about Florida law and he filed suit to get his way - and lost. Gore appealed and lost. So Gore appealed his case to the SCOTUS and lost and then he (and the rest of the democrats) pouted about how the election was rigged and that the election was stolen from him and how the system is so unfair to democrats and that Bush is a meany and, and, and,'d have thought someone had stolen their candy, or something they way they went on and on and on.  Then, when Obama became POTUS, he again started in on the complaining by blaming Bush for everything that is wrong with the United States.  What a bunch of whiners.

The point to all of this is that IF Trump loses in November and contests the election, so what?  It's all part of the game, right? Since it's a rigged system anyway, maybe this time, if/when there is a recount, they can get it right and elect the person the people want (and not the fat cats in the electoral college).