Monday, September 12, 2016

They must think we're REALLY stupid

Leprosy is contagious
Has anyone out in blogging land ever read the bible?  Not to get into specifics but I remember every time the Bible talked about LEPROSY, everyone stopped what they were doing and started throwing rocks at the infected person.  Remember Ben Hur (the original with Charlton Heston, not the abomination that just came out)?  People threw rocks at the two women who had LEPROSY.  Remember the 10 lepers that Christ healed?  Yeah, I suspect lots of rocks were involved.  Lots and lots of rocks.

Anyway, today's headline reads: "EXPERT:  CHILDREN NOT AT LEPROSY RISK"  Turns out, a little while ago, it was discovered that a couple of kids had gone to a school who had LEPROSY. Immediately, "officials" claimed that there was no risk, that the school was scrubbed down, that LEPROSY is not contagious, and that children were not at risk.  Um, if there was no risk, why were the rooms scrubbed down and why have so many "experts" weighed in on whether there is a risk to kids?  Why, indeed.

What I want to know is, where are the rocks?  If LEPROSY was such a big deal in the Bible, why isn't it treated as such now?!? Turns out, regardless of what the "experts" say, LEPROSY is still a big deal.  Yes, it can be treated but, contrary to what the "experts" are saying, it is contagious.  While treatable, it is not generally found in the United States but is limited to a few countries around the world.  

What countries?  Well, Syria, for one - which makes me wonder if this jump to calm jittery parents about how NOT contagious LEPROSY is is to shift the focus from the influx of Syrian refugees and the failure of the obama administration to vet any of these refugees for, oh, I don't know....infectious diseases that have not been found in the United States for over a century!?!  Yeah, that's a legacy that's not easily forgotten.

What I'm betting is that this is all an attempt at keeping people from filing lawsuits against the state (or federal government, as the case may be). Heck, people sue government entities all the time for far less things like tripping on an uneven sidewalk.  Three really great resources to help people file actions against government entities are:

What "we the people" are left with are "experts" and "officials" who have a agenda to obfuscate issues so that we don't see the whole picture.  Best advice I can give is to ignore what the "experts" are saying and go with your gut.  If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, odds are it's a duck (and LEPROSY is still contagious).