Monday, August 29, 2016

Mirror, mirror

Selfies are the new age mirrors
What is with people who take selfies?  Don't these people have a mirror to look in?!  In order of stupidity, here are some of the dumbest selfies I've read, to date:

  • Justin Bahler:  A bank robber who took a selfie (and got arrested for the bank robbery).
  • Adam Howe:  Robbed a church (a church, really?!?) and took a selfie to document the event (and got arrested for robbery).
  • Jess Ewald: Stole a smartphone and took a selfie with it (and got arrested for grand theft).
  • Ashley Keast:  Took a selfie whilst robbing a house (and got arrested for robbery).
  • La Vorne Lee ("Lee") Bennett:  Took a selfie after robbing a guy (and got arrested for robbery).
  • Kayleigh Hill: Took a selfie after running on the field at the College World Series (and got arrested for trespassing and fined $1,500).
  • Tyquan Solomon and Terrance Sistrunk: Mugged a guy and stole his $205 cell phone (and were arrested for robbery).

And then there is #8) Christal McGee: Using Snapchat, recorded herself traveling 107 mph, lost control of her car, and crashed into another vehicle. Too bad perspective was lost on her as she continued to take selfies after the accident. In fact, she also took a selfie when she was in the ambulance with the caption: Lucky to be alive.

Can't say the same thing for the victim of the other vehicle (that she struck) as he's now dealing with traumatic brain injuries - but at least she got her 15 minutes of fame, right?  I mean, that's the whole point to taking and posting selfies, isn't it; to point attention to a person who is, otherwise, dull and boring that no one will ever notice?

Facing charges related to reckless driving, Ms. McGee is (or should be) looking at some serious prison time as well as being financially destitute (or at least her folks are what with Ms. McGee being a teenager, and all).

Now that Ms. McGee (and her folks) are looking at some hard decisions, might I suggest they (or you, as the case may be) head on over to your/their local county law library and take a look at some resources that can help them/you in their/your time of need:
Yep, sure are a number of self-absorbed people out there (not counting politicians).  Good thing your local county law library is well stocked with materials to help you when you get struck with an ill-advised need to take a selfie.