Monday, July 25, 2016

Where is the Justice?

Home sweetIn a perfect world, there would be no droughts, no war, no poverty, and no sin.  In a perfect world, employees would work a full week without complaint and employers would pay better than living wages and a yearly COL that actually reflected the rate of inflation.  In a perfect world, people would stop running when police yelled STOP.  Of course, if this were a perfect world, people wouldn't have to even run because they would be perfect and wouldn't have committed a crime that required police to yell STOP or cause them to break out batons and guns and all manner of things that result in lawsuits.  
Of course, all of this brings us to City of Los Angeles v. Contreras.  Once upon a time, Mr. Contreras was driving a white van after tying to murder someone.  Police find him and Mr. Contreras tries to run from the scene.  When Mr. Contreras refused to stop running when police yelled STOP!!!, they shot Mr. Contreras in the side and back paralyzing him.  Subsequently, Mr. Contreras sued the city and won a judgment for $5.7 million.  City argued that the police were justified in shooting a fleeing felon and thought Mr. Contreras was armed when he exited the van.  Ultimately, the SCOTUS didn't agree and upheld the judgment awarding the $5.7 mil plus interest, plus costs, plus attorneys fees of $1 million.
What I want to know is, did the city bother to prosecute Mr. Contreras for attempted murder?  I mean, that was the whole reason Mr. Contreras had to deal with the police in the first place - so where is the justice?  Oh, yeah...Mr. Contreras gets rewarded for pulling an Ironside and the city gets another black eye.  But, again, I ask where is the justice?  Who won here?  Mr. Contreras for getting an kings ransom?  I mean, he probably deserves it what with police shooting people in the back and beating them like they were a dead horse.  On the flip side, why is Mr. Contreras not sitting in a prison cell for the attempted MURDER.  I'm talking the attempt to take the life of another person.  That's a felony, people.  I have friends who have gone to jail for much, MUCH less and Mr. Contreras is a free man because, uh....why, exactly?!? 
While you gotta feel sorry for someone who now resides in a wheelchair, had he not run (i.e. evade police because he tried to kill someone), then Mr. Contreras would not, presumably, have been shot and he could have lived happily ever after.  Or not.  I mean, no one said this was a perfect world, after all.