Monday, February 1, 2016

Word of the Month for February 2016: Domestic Violence

Breaking hearts
For the record, during the months of November through January, the legal world, for the most part, slows down.  For the most part.  Today, we've had three domestic violence cases come through out doors and one of them involved a guy being beaten up by his wife.  Oh, the humanity!

What is domestic violence, you ask?  According to Black's Law Dictionary, Domestic Violence is the use of force (by fury, vehemence, or outrage esp. physical force) between members of a household usu. spouses; an assault or other violent act committed by one member of a household against another. Domestic Violence has become such a national past-time that the Feds created the Violence against Women Act of 1994 under 42 USC 13981.  While generally geared to protect women, section (b) of this Act boldly states:
(b) Right to be free from crimes of violence
All persons within the United States shall have the right to be free from crimes of violence motivated by gender (as defined in subsection (d) of this section).

suggesting that all persons (including men) have a right to be free from violence - which is kinda sad that we the people have to be told we have a right to be free from violence.  I mean, daily you have people screaming that they want to be treated with respect. Then, as adults, people scream that they need a law declaring that they are free from violence? For as much as people whine about the over-inclusion of government, it is sad that they demand over-inclusion in matters of the heart.

In any event, what with February being the month of love (or the lack, thereof), if you find yourself in need of help from a former loved-one, might I suggest you head on over to your local county law library and take a look at

While there may be a whole lot of lovin' going on in the world, there is a whole lot of crazy to match it.  Good thing that your local county law library is around to help with either or both (as the case may be).