Monday, November 9, 2015


Bow ties are cool
On a near daily basis, I wear "freestyle" bow ties .  Love 'em, I do.  I like them because they look nice and they stay out of my way when I bend over (and being a researcher, I bend over a lot).  I have bow ties with leopard print, cow print, zebra print, and skull print (for Halloween).  I have striped ties, solid color ties, pattern ties, and even some with multiple colors.  For instance, today, I'm wearing a bow tie that has four separate panels/colors: red, blue, orange and green.  Yep - pretty freakin awesome, if you ask me!

As I was tying my tie today, I got to thinking that this four panel tie was a lot like a personal injury case.  Sure it is.  Say you're in a car accident.  There's your point of view, the other driver's point of view, the cop on the scene's point of view, and the witnesses point of view(s).  Everyone sees things differently and reports as such.  To help get your point of view in order, were you to visit my law library, I might suggest you take a gander at:
Maybe you're in a family law dispute.  There's your perspective, your ex's perspective, the kid(s) perspective, the judge's perspective, the bailiff's perspective, the court clerk's perspective, and (whether you and/or your ex hires an attorney) the attorney's perspective.  Lots of stories floating around - no wonder courts are so adversarial.  Were you to visit my law library, I might suggest the following to help align your perspective:
Yep, doesn't really matter what area of law or life you're dealing with, everyone has their own perspective on how "it" happened.  If ever you're in need of a change in perspective or need a perspective adjustment, know that your local county law Librarian has just what you need to help get you going again.

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