Monday, November 16, 2015

How does he do it?!?

A career is a job you like
When you were young(er), what did you want to be?  A teacher?  A policeman?  A fireman?  An astronaut?  Turns out, I wanted to be all of those and, as it turns out, working as a Librarian I am able to do just that.  Almost daily I get to teach people how to do their own legal research; I keep the peace in and around the library; I'm having to put out fires all over the place; and some of those legal research questions are pretty far out in space.

The thing that gets a lot of people is the fact that I'm able to help darn near everyone who comes in the door and I'm able to do it all because I daily practice fielding funky research questions.  

For instance, remember a while back the NSA got fingered for tapping into the email system?  Yeah, that Snowden guy finked on the Feds about collecting data.  Well, we had a guy come in with a similar (albeit, less Federally entangled) issue.  Seems he had had an employee who had been hired from by a rival and he found out this employee has been divulging certain trade secrets and was looking to stop the flow of information.  Quick as a wink, I lead him over to 

Another one?  A while back, a lady came into the library claiming her plastic surgeon botched a "simple" implant procedure and now she has a chest that looks like Tori Spelling.  None too happy about that, she is wanting information about medical malpractice.  While I don't know anything about medical malpractice, I do know what I have a couple of resources directly on point so lickety split I lead lady over to 
she's off and running with her lawsuit.

One minute I'm helping someone find information about medical malpractice.  Next, I'll switch gears and find resources on forming a corporation.  Five minutes later, I'm over in the employment section helping someone fight a wrongful termination.  Whatever the purpose or issue, know that your local county law librarian is here and there to help you get to your personal legal nirvana.