Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New York Minute

In a New York minute
You ever wonder what might have been had you not just done "that" thing you're kicking yourself for doing?  Of course, I got to thinking about what might have been after reading a story about a young woman whose life is effectively over.

Seems Mika Lindquist was driving along and struck a pedestrian.  Not wanting to wait around for the police to show up (what with being wanted on a meth (drug) charge), Mika drove off. Pedestrian, subsequently, died adding to the hit and run a charge of manslaughter.  Ouch (on so many levels)!

The thing is, being a meth addict, I'm guessing the thought didn't really cross her mind but I gotta wonder at what point, if ever, did she think things were spiraling out of control?  The first time she took a hit on meth?  When she was arrested and charged with possession?  When she hit the pedestrian?  Was she even aware she had hit someone?  I'm guessing not.  I'm hoping not (I mean, benefit of the doubt and all).

In any event, Ms. Lindquist is going to need some serious legal help.  Might I suggest she (or her legal counsel) head over to her local county law library and take a look at:

Yep, there are not a few of us in the world of humans who don't wish we could turn back the hands of time to not do something we really, REALLY wished we hadn't.  Good then, though, that there are places and people like at your local county law library that can help you when you do misstep.