Monday, September 28, 2015

That's going to leave a mark

Cold hearted snake
In the news today is the story about a guy who catches a rattle snake (you know, the venomous scary one with fangs that scream leave me alone), drapes it around his neck and snaps a selfie whilst holding the DEADLY snake.  Moments after snapping the pic, snake wriggles free and bites his hand.  What an ungrateful snake - biting the person who held it.

Of course, this reminds me of a young lady who came into the library a short while ago.  Seems she was smitten by a snake-ish young man whom she met while he was incarcerated in prison for a securities fraud (among other things).  Seems a romance blossomed and when guy was paroled, he and she got married in a whirlwind wedding that she paid for.  Turns out she also paid for the utilities in the house s/he lived, the food that s/he lived, the lavish vacations s/he took every year, the clothes, the big screen TV, the...long story short, she was paying for everything because guy did not get a job like he promised he would.  FINALLY, young lady has had enough and lays down an ultimatum - either he gets a job or he moves out and they get a divorce.

Turns out guy is not so stupid.  Turns out guy says 
  • he's not going to get a job, 
  • that he's not moving out and, in fact, 
  • he has been having an affair with young lady's "best" friend for the last 3 years
In tears and with a not so small degree of righteous indignation, young lady storms into the law library to see what she can do to rid herself of deadbeat guy.  As things related to her impending dissolution of marriage, I suggested she first talk to the Family Law Facilitator.  After that, I suggest she take a look at:
As it related to kicking deadbeat husband out of the house, since guy is now technically a tenant at sufferance, I suggested she take a look at:
Sad that young lady was in such a predicament.  Happy that she knew that her local county law library was a one-stop-shop for all things happily ever after.  If you ever find yourself in a bind, just know that your local county law Librarian has what you need to help you move on down your yellow brick road.

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