Monday, July 20, 2015

A better mousetrap

Experts are experts because they know what they know.
One of the things I like about working at a law library is the fact that every day is different.  Yes, I do some of the same things but we get new and interesting questions every day.  Some questions I file away as experience and some others I blog about because they are interesting.

Take, for instance, the seasoned gentleman who came into the library the other day.  Seems Gentleman was filthy rich.  That's filthy (as in really, really) rich.  Seems Gentleman recently found out that his son had acquired financial power of attorney over Gentleman.  The problem was, Gentleman doesn't remember ever granting son power of attorney.  Not just a little perturbed, Gentleman was seeking a handwriting expert to help show that his signature on the power of attorney was forged (i.e. that he hadn't signed it).

First thing I suggested what that Gentleman take a look at the ALMExperts Website.  The ALMExpert website lists experts from all jurisdictions and for a variety of situations from A/V Voice recognition to Zoology.  That's a pretty impressive listing and in short order, we had found a number of handwriting experts for Gentleman to peruse.

Other great print resources that our library has for patrons to examine include:
Thing is, we get all kinds of people at our library.  Some filthy rich, some dirt poor.  Regardless of your standing in life, know that your local county law Librarian is here to help you get to wherever you need to be.