Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Things you can do without

My aching feet
The other day, I had a young-ish lawyer-type person come into the law library wearing a boot on his foot.  Turns out he had had a bunion excised from his foot and he was in healing mode (hence, the boot).  He told me that it had been bothering him for a while and my mind got me to thinking about another young-ish guy we had in the library with a similar situation.  

No, young-ish guy did not have a bunion excised but he was looking to extricate himself from a business dealing.  Seems young-ish guy had been working with a high school buddy and they have formed a corporation a while back.  Seems young-ish guy and buddy had a falling out and were looking to go their separate ways but didn't want to kill the corporation they had formed.  So, young-ish guy was looking for help on how to get out of the corporation without dissolving the corporation.

Knowing my library collection as I do, faster than you can painful bunion, I lead him over to 

Then, for good measure, I suggested he take a look at California Legal Forms Transaction Guide (Lexis; Vols. 1-5 (Business & NonProfit Organizations)) to see if he could find an corporate-ish agreement that would let him has his cake and eat it, too.  In no time at all, young-ish guy was off and running and found what he needed in short order.

The moral to this story is if you find that you have something that you're trying to excise yourself from, know that the good folks at your local county law library has just what you need to give you relief.