Monday, December 29, 2014

People these days!

Too incredulous to believeCan you believe some people?  I read a story today about a woman who poured hot bleach into the eyes of her toddler daughter. Really?!?  Asked why she responded that she got frustrated sometimes.  Everyone gets frustrated with their kids sometimes, but BLEACH!?!

Then there is the story out of Australia where a woman knifed her eight (8) kids.  EIGHT of them.  WHERE is the outrage?!  Where is the liberal media screaming about the abuse of it all?  Silent, that's where.  Yes, this is a blog about things legal but comon!  This is outrageousness in it's most transparent form and such acts of barbarianism against kids befuddle me.  I mean, since when is it OK to take it out on a kid?  Feeling frustrated?  Go ram your head into the wall a few times.

Of course, my feelings of angst all started a few weeks ago when a couple came into the library.  Seems child protective services had taken their kids for "no reason."  No reason, huh?  Seems, mom told me, that a few nights prior she and husband had been out partying and whooping it up while their kids were left at home sans babysitter. Did I mention the kids ages?  One was six (6) and the other was two-years-old. Six and two.  Did I mention the fire?  Oh, yeah - the two-year-old apparently started a fire in the house and, comedy of errors later, child protective services steps in and here we are!  

I have to say that advocate for the public's right to have access to law and legal things that I am, these two take the cake.  Anyway, with mom and dad standing in front of me with a goofy look on their faces looking for ways to get their kids back, I suggest that they might be able to find some help with their case looking in/at: 

Love my job, I do, sometimes the stories people bring to me really wear on me.  Good thing I have a blog to "talk" to when things get funky.