Saturday, November 8, 2014

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

liar liar pants on fire
It is rare these days to not open the newspaper (yes, I read the paper version) and see the vast numbers of people lie to get out of doing something (like getting a legitimate job).  

Take, for instance the guy who faked a coma for two years to avoid prosecution from stealing money from an elderly neighbor.  Seems Alan Knight stole about 40,000 pounds ($64,000 US) from his neighbor. To avoid going to trial, though, he (and his accomplice wife) faked that he was a quadriplegic in a comatose state. Of course, two years into the ruse, police say they were able to get video of Mr. Knight as he was walking around with his family. Oopsy on that.  Best be careful when next we practice to deceive.

Then were the two women who faked having cancer so that they could get their weddings paid for. Women #1, Danielle Watson, told donors that she had stage-four cervical cancer and had a 15% chance of survival. Of course, her story fell apart when she became pregnant and bragged about it on Twitter (to the utter bewilderment of her donors). Subsequently, Ms. Watson pled guilty to fraud by false representation.

Woman #2, Lori Stilley, claimed to have Bladder Cancer. Donors delivered meals, held raffles and a T-shirt sale, hastily planned and paid for her wedding and raised more than $10,000 for treatment that was never to be. Subsequently Ms. Stilley was charged with theft by deception,  Ms. Stilley told family and friends in February 2011 that she had stage 3 bladder cancer and would need chemotherapy and radiation. Two months later, she told them – and posted on her Facebook page and personal website – that it was now stage 4, which means the cancer was spreading to other parts of her body. Stilley even wrote an e-book about her experience. 

Eventually, it was her sister to turned Stilley in to "get help."  Don't know how sister figured out the lie but I gotta wonder if the sister knew about the scam the whole time.  I mean, did she turn Ms. Stilley in because she wouldn't share the proceeds equally?  Maybe there was a little threat of blackmail?  I mean, everyone is happy when the money is flowing but, as with all things money, you can never get enough.  

The sad thing is that Ms. Stilley's attorney is proffering that he doesn't believe Lori did anything wrong.  Really?!  Yes, attorneys need to advocate for their clients, and all, but does he have to go on television reporting that she didn't do anything wrong?!? I mean, defraud people out of time and money and there is nothing "wrong" about that? Guess Ms. Stilley has enough cash to keep attorney happy - for now.