Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I can't make this stuff up

jockey at the beach
Have you ever read a story and it sounds so out in left field that it can't possibly be true?  Like all those fish stories where the guy fights for hours and lands a prehistoric megalodon, or the 5 year old kid who pulls a superman and lifts a car off his dad, or the story where your dad walked to school and back home uphill both ways?  Tall tales all to be sure.

Anyway, I was reading the Los Angeles Daily Journal about a similar story.  Seems a supervisor noticed a used sanitary napkin on the staff bathroom floor.  I'm guessing this is a girl thing (because I don't know what it is (and don't really want to know)).  Anyway, supervisor rounds up all female employees and asks which one is having their, uh,...um,...which one was...uh..."leaking" down there?  When none of the female workers fessed up, supervisor lined them up against a wall (under penalty that they would be fired if they didn't comply) and one by one were taken into the bathroom where they had to pull their pants down (or dresses up) and were examined for "leakage."

Yeah, pretty funky.  So funky, in fact, that the female employees all filed suit against the company alleging, among other things, false imprisonment.  I'm guessing company lost and company sought compensation by it's insurance company.  Insurance company (stifling a belly laugh, I'll bet) said "NO" and company sued the insurance company for failing to pay on the policy.

Reading the case, it looks like the court was really scrambling to pull out a win for the insurance company. Seems in the original policy, there was an exclusion clause that made it so the insurance company wouldn't have to pay if certain things happened.  Because there is no way to list every little thing (like lining up a bunch of female employees up against a wall for "inspection"), insurance company added two words to include everything - "such as" - and that's what the court clung to when it handed a win to the insurance company.

I guess there are two morals to this story.  First, read the fine print - it's there to burn you.  Second, if you want to be sued, hire a Gestapo supervisor who does something so fantastic that no one could possibly believe it happened (and, subsequently, get blogged about).  Yeah, that's what you should do.