Monday, October 13, 2014

Scary Stories

Scary Stories
By raise of hands, how many out there in blogland have heard of the attorney-client privilege?  How about the doctor-patient privilege? How about the law Librarian-patron privilege?  Haven't heard of that one?  Not surprising because it doesn't exist.  Problem, though, is that there are LOTS of people who seem to think that it's real and everything they say to a Librarian is privileged (i.e. can't be compelled to tell anyone).  I mean, Librarians are really good at keeping secrets and, well, no one really talks to Librarians anyway so your secret is safe with us, right?

The reason I even mention this is that many moons ago I was working late at a library and a scrawny looking guy comes up to me.  Looking around to make sure no one was around, Guy nervously whispers to me, "I think I just killed someone.  What should I do with the gun?"  Without skipping a beat, I walked him over to California Criminal Defense Practice (Lexis) and California Criminal Law Practice and Procedure (CEB).  I also gave him the name of a criminal defense attorney and wished him well.  Maybe I should have called the police.  I suspect had I done so, I would not now be sitting here writing this blog post.

Fact is, I have had lots of people who have told me their crimes, infidelities, indiscretions, their whatevers over the years and I've kept all of their secrets locked tight down deep in my subconscious.  While it seems to make them feel better, my gut tells me to keep a weathered eye open because when people realize their confession is not all that privileged, it will be time for me to find a new zip code.

Bottom line, when next you feel the need to assuage your guilt, get a mirror and spill your guts to your reflection.  That way neither of us will have that sickly sweet suspicion that someone is out to get me/you/us.