Friday, June 20, 2014

Virtues are supposed to help you

wait until you can'tA bedtime story.  Once upon a time there was an impatient police officer (we'll call him Officer B).  As Officer B was out and about, he saw a guy he perceived to be in the act of not doing something lawful (i.e. up to no good).  Guy was eventually arrested for a parole violation and was taken to the police station where he was strip searched.  In the course of the strip search, Guy falls on the ground and starts flopping around like he's having a seizure (that's "like" as in he was faking it).  While in this flopping state, Officer B notices that guy reaches around and pokes something back up inside his backside (i.e. rectum).

Here's where things get...uh...funky.  See, Officer B surmises that guy is hiding something up in his backside and he takes guy to the hospital and has a doctor remove a baggie from said backside using a pair of forceps which, as it turns out, contained an amount of cocaine.  Seems Guy doesn't like having to submit to the doctor and files a number of actions against the police, the doctor, and a couple of nurses under 42 USC section 1983.

The thing that gets me is not that he filed an action against the police - but that the police couldn't wait a bit for nature to take it's course.  I mean look at what is going on here
  • Guy is naked
  • in a stip search
  • is trying to keep something from coming out his backside
All the police have to do is wait until his bowels empty and keep and eye on things.  Unless he's constipated, Guy is bound to empty his bowels soon enough and the police would have even more evidence to nail the guy.  The question, then, is why couldn't the police couldn't wait?!  Where was Guy going that Officer B needed (that's "needed" as in NEEDED) to get that baggie full of cocaine right now!!!  Of course, the result was that Guy is now suing Officer B for violating his civil rights by forcibly removing the baggie from his backside.

Moral of the story, just because you have the power of the government at your back, don't jack with the case.  Learn to wait a bit and things will come in their own due course.   Sad that another criminal is allowed to have his 15 minutes of fame.  Worse still is that we have police who can't wait a bit and have to have their way at the expense of we the people.