Sunday, March 30, 2014

Everyone talks

Everyone confesses, eventually
One of the things that I had to get used to being a law Librarian was the fact that people often treat me like their priest.  They will often will tell me things that they wouldn't dare tell their beautician.  Everyone has something to say and some weeks it feels like people are competing with each other to come up with the funkiest story.  I recall there was the one guy with the mad cat in a bag scary eyes who confessed to me he had only just killed someone and asked: "What should I do with the gun?"

Before I go on, let me tell you something about my job.  Omnipotent Librarian that I am, I have certain restrictions placed upon me such as I can't give legal advice.  You need to find a legal resource, I'm your man.  You want to know if you have a case or will go to jail?  Go see an attorney.

Now, back to the guy with the gun.  See, notwithstanding my constraints, I was still able to keep my cool and still help him by suggesting he take a look at
and he was able to divine what and how to proceed.

The thing is, like most law Librarians, I know my collection and I know what resources are best used in most any given situation.  So, whether you're staring at 15 years to life or just a small claims action, know that your local county law librarian has the skills you need to help you get you to your zen state.