Friday, February 28, 2014

To Serve and Protect Whom, Exactly

blurring the lines between right and very wrong
There once was a time when Officer Friendly referred to police who were genuinely interested in helping their community and looking out for bad guys.  There once was a time when bad guys were really bad guys.  There once was a time when you felt safe knowing the boys in blue were on patrol.  Yeah, not so much anymore.

Seems in King City, California the acting police chief, a tow truck driver, and a few of his officers were arrested recently.  Seems they had developed a little money making gig on the side where they snatch cars from people who can't speak English (i.e. migrant/undocumented workers) and sold them for a profit.  Seems it had been going on long enough that everyone in town knew about it.  It's like one of those things that everyone knows the big secret except the person who should know it.  In this case, the people who were supposed to know the secret were already in on the joke.  I mean, what do you do when the people who are supposed to enforce the law are breaking the law?  

Anyway, what with the FBI on the case, if Mulder and Skully have anything to do with the investigation you can bet the police in King City are in for a wild ride.