Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stranger than Fiction

problem teenagers
Most people think that law library's are only for people who do legal stuff.  Fact is, I am often confronted by people who need help of the not-so-legal kind.  

For instance, the other day, a young-ish lady (aka "Mom") came up to me stressing over her teen-aged daughter.  Seems she had caught daughter sneaking into the house at 4:00AM.  Having been found out, daughter would not tell where she had been and mom was freaking out (what with being at wits end, and all).

Good thing Mom came to her local county law library.  See, we have this resource called Criminal Defense Techniques (Lexis) and it has everything Mom needs to get the information she wants from daughter.  Mom takes one look at the book and scoffs saying, "My daughter is not a criminal!  How is that going to help me!?"

Well, I explain, Chapter 3 (Interrogation and Confessions), section 3.04 deals with Cellmate Informers.  While daughter is not in prison, she does have a tattle-tailing little brother AND a she has a diary (into which she pours her most intimate secrets).  While mom objected to reading daughter's diary, I responded with Chapter 4B, section 4B.02 (Expectation of Privacy) and asked mom, "Have you ever said to daughter "my house, my rules?!"  Mom acquiesced to my elevated logic.

Other chapters which might prove helpful in building a case against your/a teenager might include:
  • Chapter 2, App. 2A - Eyewitness Resources
  • Chapter 4, Section 4.07 - Probable Cause for a Search
  • Chapter 4B, Section 4B.03 - Surveillance Methods and Devices
  • Chapter 4C, Section 4C.08 - Inventory Searches of Cars (people do this all the time on television)
  • Chapter 4D, Section 4D.08 - Consent to Search Car (you see this all the time on COPS)
  • Chapter 9A, Section 9A.03 - Pretrial Publicity (can you say social media)
Yep, keeping up with your teenager can be a trial.  Know, though, that your local county law Librarian understands your pain and has resources that can help you battle the most hardened son or daughter helping you tip the scales of justice in your favor.  Yeah, we are that good.