Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What in blazes is going on?!?

It going to be an eternal summer for some people
So, I'm surfing around the web today looking for things to blog about and I come upon a series of videos that are just mind blowing.

First, there's the video of a baby being beaten to death by (get this) a 10-year old girl.  Apparently, she first threw the kid off a residential building and then kept beating the kid until, well, until it stopped moving, I guess.  There's no sound but it is truly not for the faint of heart.

Next, we have a couple who steals packages left by FedEx.  Not as bad as the 10-year old baby killer but still - during the Christmas season?!  Seems these two staked out their neighbors homes where people were not home and then when FedEx delivered something, they stole it.  Next best thing to online shopping!  What a racket.  With neighbors like this, who needs honest to goodness burglars?

Then we have a police officer who, in the course of a traffic stop, started shooting at a SUV full of children.  To be fair, the police officer was just doing his job and the driver of the SUV was (apparently) using the kids as a shield.  The upshot (tongue in cheek) of all this is that the officer was fired (no pun intended) but nothing was said about what happened to the driver of the SUV (probably should have been strung up by their toenails).

Then, there's the story about a teenager who was allegedly abducted.  Now, there's evidence that she's alive somewhere.  Wait - alive somewhere?!  Don't know about the post office where you are but the post office where I live has video cameras at every entrance.  How about they trace where that letter is from and find out who mailed that letter?  Even if the letter was dropped off at a mail box, check out the area and see if anyone looks like this teen.  Yeah, I know - I missed my calling as a private investigator.

Finally, there's the story about a couple who used to murder a man just for kicks.  Turns out this couple had tried to kill people in the past but were unsuccessful.  What happened to just hanging out on a weekend?  Makes you wonder when next you're looking to expand your group of friends.  Might want to include a question: So, what do you do for fun?  Kill anyone, lately?!

Yeah, real sad state of affairs the world has/is becoming.  Good thing that your local county law library is still the sanest place you're ever going to visit (when next you decide to return to a state of sanity).