Monday, December 23, 2013

Clarity from chaos

I can help you with that
When people first come into a law library, they are often confused, don't know where to go, what to do and, often contradict themselves.  It takes a skilled hand (and a patient Librarian) to help guide people to resources that will help get them where they really want to be.

For instance, I had a guy come into the library who launched into how much he hated his landlord.  He tells me that his landlord is rude, makes threats all the time, and says that he wanted to sue his landlord.  After a short discussion I discover that he hadn't paid his rent in 6 months so I ask, "Are you being evicted?"  As soon as he confirms that, yes, he's being evicted and that that's the reason he want's to sue his landlord, I suggest he take a look at:
Another time, I had a lady complain how nasty a police officer was to her.  He harassed her, made threats, said he would take her license away, and left her with "an icky feeling inside."  While it's never a good thing to get grief from a cop or to be left with an icky feeling, after a short discussion, I discovered that the "threats" and "harassment" she received was the result of a simple traffic stop.  As soon as I found that out, I was able to guide her to:
Yep, there are lots of lots of legal stuff out there that can really make your head swim.  Good thing that there are law Librarians out there who know how to make sense of it all and get you where you really want to be.