Thursday, October 17, 2013

You might want to rethink that one

I just hope he was bald BEFORE he put that thing on
In other news today is a story about a guy who planted two dry ice bombs at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  According to the Los Angeles Times article, the suspect, Dicarlo Bennett, did it because,“He was a prankster,” said LAPD Deputy Chief Michael Downing. “He thought it was funny.”

Funny, huh?  I'll tell you what's funny.  How about the fact that the entire terminal had to be shut down while the bomb squad was called in to deal with Mr. Bennett's "prank."  How about the fact that all of those planes were delayed and passengers who were connecting to those planes missed their flights.  Yeah, that's funny.  What would be REALLY hillarious would be to give every one of those passengers a baseball bat and the chance to show Mr. Bennett just how funny they thought his prank was.  I'm betting a few thousand smacks with a bat and Mr. Bennett wouldn't be so jovial.  Yeah, not so much.

Well, what with Mr. Bennett staring down on a couple felonies charges, I'm guessing not only is he not laughing but he might be in need of some serious legal research assistance.  Since we're dealing with Federal charges here (i.e. bombs at an airport) might I suggest Mr. Bennett takes a look at:
Yep, Mr. Bennett is in for a whole lot of laughing.  Might I suggest he step back and think about his next prank before he winds up standing in front of a judge.  The punchline might be a bit more palatable.