Friday, September 27, 2013

Personal service at its best

Librarians are always a cut above
Have you ever heard about the Michelin Restaurant Guide.  If you're looking for high-end cuisine, this is the guide for you.  These guys list THE best places to eat in the world handing out 3 stars to only the top of the top of the creme de la creme.  Personally, I've eaten at a one star restaurant and I have to say, it was pretty impressive - each course was par excellence, the service exquisite, and my water glass was never less than 3/4 full.  I mean, these guys were really on their toes!

It got me to thinking about the service law Librarians provide.  Thing is, if there was a rating service on the service librarians provide, three stars would not be difficult to achieve what with the personal service we give every patron who walks through our door!

A typical "well-rounded" legal research project might include some primary authorities (i.e. cases/codes), and a few secondary authorities (i.e. anything not primary) to help put things in context.

So, for instance, say John Doe comes into my library needing help drafting a complaint for a personal injury action.  Knowing my collection as I do, I would suggest he examine many different resources such as:

California Specific Resources
General Resources
How about another one?  Say Jane Doe walks into the law library and she wants information about how to litigate a chapter 7 bankruptcy from a creditor's point of view.  Knowing my collection as I do, I would suggest she take a look at:

California Specific Resources
General Resources
I could go on and on about the awesome personal services law Librarians provide but why not take a spin yourself.  Yeah, that's the ticket.  Head on over to your local county law library and see if the service isn't 3-star worthy!

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