Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good luck with that

Frivilous lawsuits are just another word for scamHow many times have you woken up saying, "Today, I'm going to rob a bank!"  Or maybe you're a little less ambitious and you think, "Today, I'm going to sue the pants of someone."  Amazing what people come up with these days to generate income.  I mean, what with the economy in the dumps, people are getting more and more creative with their lawsuits.

For instance, a while back I had a patron come into the library with a doozy of a plan.  Seems he was looking to generate income by claiming he had been injured slipping on a banana in a supermarket so he came to the law library to frame his claim.  Being an impartial 3rd party, I took him over to take a look at California Practice Guide: Personal Injury (West).  I also showed him How Insurance Companies Settle Cases (James Pub), New Appleman on Insurance Law (Lexis), and California Property Insurance: Law and Litigation (CEB) and suggested he look in the index under Fraud.

On another occasion, I met with a person who confessed that while he was not presently injured, that she was going to start riding around in a wheelchair and file "a whole
Young or old, it's still a scam
bunch" of lawsuits against local businesses for alleged ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) violations.  Personally, I think that really sucks - but, being an impartial 3rd party, I did my best to help this poor, misguided soul by locating Disabilities and the Law (West), ADA Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities (Lexis), and Americans with Disabilities Act Manual (BNA).  While our library doesn't have anything that might help dissuade a person from filing a frivolous ADA claim, I am hoping there are judges out there in legal-land that will see through these frauds and dismiss these lawsuits posthaste.  I'm hoping, anyway.

Yep, there are sure a lot of opportunists out there looking to snag an easy dollar and I hope you're not a target of a frivolous lawsuit.  In the event you are, know that your local county law Librarian is waiting to help you counter the effects of con artists and frivolous legal actions to help your bottom line stay above the poverty line.