Saturday, February 16, 2013

You usually find what you're looking for

Riding your motorcycleThe other day as I was doing my Librarian mambo, I had a guy come into the library all banged up.  Seems he used to be the proud owner of a motorcycle.  Turns out as he was riding his bike up the freeway down between the lanes (you know how cyclists do that) some psycho opened their door resulting in a crashed bike and extensive injuries.  A personal injury attorney's dream come true!

The reason this story is on my blog is because this particular cyclist noted that this is the first time he had been in a "law" library. He noted that never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he'd have to visit in a law library.  Chuckling under my breath (because I hear this about 50 times a day), I lead him over to and had him reading Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction and Litigation (Lawyers & Judges Pub.), California Tort Damages (CEB), and AmJur Proof of Facts (West) in mere minutes.

Yep, people everyday don't realize how important "law" libraries are until they need one and we'll be ready when you do, too.