Sunday, February 24, 2013

It Boggles the Mind

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Lately, there has been a number of cases in the news about divorced parents killing their kids (and their estranged spouses).  In addition to that, I've been seeing an up-tick on the number of child abuse cases flowing through the courts.  What I want to know is when does beating on a little person get fun?  I mean you really have to think about that one.  It's your kid, for goodness sake.  Picture it, a thug of a guy (or a woman) sitting at the kitchen table looking over at their kid thinking...yep, I'm going to pound that kid until s/he snaps.  Forget that you're 5 times the size of the kid.  Forget that your kid loves you unconditionally.  Forget that, well, he's YOUR kid!  Yeah, I don't get it.

The thing is, there are more ways to abuse a child than just beating them.  Studies exist which examine children in orphanages.  In another study looking at children in Romania, scientists examined the institutional nature of orphanages and it's toll on the child mind. Then there is the unsubstantiated story about the Russian Baby Experiment.  Seems a
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bunch of social "scientists" took a bunch of kids at an orphanage.  The first group they nurtured them and the other group they didn't - basically ignored them.  Yeah, they were fed and diapers changed but that's about it.  Doesn't take a "scientist" to figure out that the second group didn't live long or prosper.

Want information about child abuse (in all it's ugly forms), head on over to your local county law library and take a look at Legal Rights of Children (West), Handling Child Custody, Abuse, and Adoption Cases (West), and Children and the Law in a Nutshell (West). Yeah, they're a real eye opener.