Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Resolutions

time to make your resoultions, again
I suspect for every resolution there are 50 people complaining that they didn't keep it.  Last year the only resolution I made was to resolve to eat chocolate every day.  Dang but if everyone made resolutions they could keep, everyone would feel the bliss I feel right now.  Actually, this feeling of bliss got me to thinking about how I can help my readers achieve this degree of bliss and I believe I've found a way.  Following are three easy resolutions you can all use and easily achieve (you can thank me later).

Resolution #1:  Go to the Librarian first.  I've been a "professional" Librarian for 9 years and the one thing that amazes me is how long it take for people to ask the Librarian for help.  They'll come in the front door; I'll ask if they need help; they'll decline, meander around for a while and then, come up and say, "Yes, I do need help."  Save yourself a heap of stress and just walk up to the Librarian as soon as you walk in the front door. We won't bite your head off and you'll be congratulating yourself in no time because of all the time (and headaches) you've saved.

Resolution #2:  Listen and trust the Librarian (we actually do know what we're talking about).  The other day, I had a person come up to me (after they had meandered around the library for 45 minutes).  Right off, this person said they were looking for information on how to incorporate a business.  Quick as a flash, I walked this person over to How to Form Your Own California Corporation (Nolo Press), Fletcher Corporation Forms Annotated (West), and Selecting and Forming Business Entities (CEB).  Apparently, that wasn't what the person wanted.  Nope, after much discussion and a few "false" starts, turns out what was wanted were books on how to sue a corporation...which leads us to Resolution #3.

Resolution #3:  Tell the Librarian what you're looking for the first time.  A game many people like to play with Librarians is to come up with a couple dozen different stories.  Of course each story is only slightly related and all of them leave out, at least, one crucial detail.  Sadly, none of the stories have anything to do with what the person really wants.  I say "sadly" because what happens is that the Librarian is left to running all over the library pulling hundreds of books and spending scads of hours
pretty please tell me what you want
scouring the Internet or the various legal databases like WestlawNext or HeinOnline.  Why not save everyone a whole lot of grief and just tell your friendly neighbor Librarian what you want the first time.  I realize that this may not be as easy as all that since many people think while they talk.  But, if possible, could you at least try to keep the rabbit hunt to three stories?  Pretty please???

Well, there it is - three reasonably attainable resolutions.  This time next year you can honestly say to anyone in earshot - I made and kept my resolutions this year.  Your significant other will be proud of you.  Stories and songs will be written extolling your virtues.  In the very least, you will have a sincere sense of accomplishment and bliss having finally kept your resolutions.